Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

This morning, the first flower on my second Christmas cactus opened fully; its pale pink cousin, which peaked in early December, still has a couple of buds waiting to unfurl.

Rarely have I been so happy to see New Year's Day arrive. 2008 wasn't completely miserable: my friends and family all made it through the year alive and, for the most part, sort of happy, a major collaborative project that may help to shape the future of electronic records in New York State wrapped up successfully, and I got to see San Francisco and the Grand Canyon. However, between discovering that a trusted colleague was in fact a thief, experiencing some significant personal woes, learning that our crusading governor had a secret life, and watching as the economy tanked, it really was pretty lousy.

I fully expect that the theft, the abrupt resignation of the governor, and the recession will continue to have repercussions -- expected and otherwise -- throughout 2009, but for some time I've been hopeful about the new year.

I also hope that you are enjoying this New Year's Day and that 2009 brings all manner of good things to you.

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