Monday, September 30, 2013

Electronic records jobs: Winthrop Group, Michigan State University, University of California Irvine, Historic New England

Four jobs -- one on the West Coast, two on the East Coast, and one in the Upper Midwest -- calling for three very different skill sets and levels of experience.  The Winthrop Group, an archival consulting firm located in New York City, is seeking a seasoned professional to lead its Information and Archival Services Division. Michigan State University is looking for an early career archivist/records manager to serve as its University Records Manager (deadline 6 October 2013). The University of California Irvine is hiring an earlyish career professional who will serve as its Archivist for University Archives. Finally, Historic New England wants someone with IT skills and, if possible, experience working for a cultural heritage institution to become its Digital Projects Developer.  Details below the fold.

Sorry for the long silence -- and for failing to post at least two positions whose deadlines passed. Much as I enjoy my online life, sometimes the real world takes precedence. Now that things seem to be calming down a bit, you'll probably see a little more activity around here.