Monday, January 5, 2009

Arizona State Archives in the news

"The Polly," 21 October 2008.

Last October, the good folks at the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records gave all of the archivists, librarians, and IT people who attended the PeDALS grant project meeting in Phoenix a tour of their brand-new facility, the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building. It really is a fantastic facility, and my Arizona colleagues are truly blessed to have such a wonderful building -- and such public recognition of the treasures with which they work every day.

This morning, the Arizona Republic ran a lengthy article on "the Polly," which will be formally dedicated next Wednesday. It's a nice piece, and one of the most gratifying things about it is the comments section: after one commenter flippantly or ignorantly dismissed the facility as a waste of money, several others promptly and emphatically asserted that the state's history was priceless and that records of past decisions and events were needed to guide future policies. It's good to know that history and archives have friends out there . . . .

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