Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New York State Archives e-mail guidelines, part two

As I noted yesterday, the New York State Archives has just released Developing a Policy for Managing Email, which will guide state agencies and local governments seeking to create appropriate e-mail management programs.

Earlier today, I attended a staff meeting centering upon this new publication and learned that this publication is meant to augment, not replace, Managing E-mail Effectively, which the State Archives issued in 2002 [we were using "e-mail" back in the day].

I also realized that I forgot to note that Developing a Policy for Managing Email contains an appendix outlining all of the State and federal laws and regulations that affect the management of e-mail by New York State's local governments and State agencies:
  • New York State Arts and Cultural Affairs Law
  • Regulations of the Commissioner of Education
  • New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination (CSCIC) Cyber Security Policy PO3‐002
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • New York State Freedom of Information Law

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