Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PeDALS partners meeting: day two

The meeting of the five PeDALS partner states -- Arizona, Florida, New York, South Carolina, and Wisconsin -- continued today. This morning, we reviewed some of the preservation metadata elements included in our draft metadata schema. We also created a subgroup responsible for identifying content standards (e.g., AACR2) and data value standards (e.g., LCSH) that might apply to specific elements.

We then discussed some of the Web interfaces that we will need in order to facilitate the records transfer process, ingest into LOCKSS, etc. We ended up revisiting issues of workflow and identifying specific steps that should be taken as records move through the PeDALS system. Our deliberations were a bit chaotic at time, but they did force us to bring to the surface some unexamined assumptions and addess some unanticipated issues. I realize that, again, I'm being really vague, but our discussions will continue after we return home and I don't want to report any erroneous information.

We then had a quick (and daunting) display of BizTalk -- which was chiefly valuable, at least from my point of view, becuase it highlighted how it could pull out and act upon information entered into, e.g., an online library catalog -- and LOCKSS. However, none of this stuff looks impossibly complex; once we start getting our hands dirty, I think we'll be fine.

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