Thursday, October 23, 2008

Desert Botanical Garden

After the third day of the PeDALS project partners meeting ended, I went with three of my colleagues -- Mark from the Florida State Library and Archives, Matt from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, and Lynne of the New York State Library -- to the Desert Botanical Garden.

The DBG has cacti and succulents from around the world. We spent most of our time in its exhibits concerning the Sonoran Desert, in which the city of Phoenix is located.

The sun went down while we were there. Watching as the blues and purples of dusk sweep over the saguaros, organ pipes, prickly pears, agaves, and mesquites was a tranquil way to end an intense and eventful day.

Afterward, we stopped for some great Thai food, talked about the differences in outlook between IT and library/archives folks, the challenges of internal and external collaboration, all of the work before us, and travel, movies, TV, and alligators. We then went back to our hotel, wished each other safe journeys, and parted ways.

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