Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Digital Preservation Management workshop, Albany, NY, 5-10 June 2011

On June 5-10, the University at Albany, SUNY will host the Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-Term Solutions for Long-Term Problems workshop.

This workshop, which is a radically revised and expanded version of the workshop (with accompanying online tutorial) that Nancy McGovern and Anne Kenney developed at Cornell University in 2003, is aimed at managers at organizations of all kinds who are or will be responsible for managing digital content over time. Nancy McGovern will be the lead instructor, and three other instructors will teach sections of the workshop. Theresa Pardo of the Center for Technology in Government will deliver a keynote address.

The workshop will begin on the evening of Sunday, June 5, continue Monday -Thursday from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM, and conclude on Friday, June 10, at noon. The cost of registration is $950.00.

Additional information about the content and instructors is available at: www.icpsr.umich.edu/dpm/workshops/fiveday.html.

N.B.: Prospective attendees must submit an application. The application will be made available at http:// www.regonline.com/DPMworkshop-Albany2011 at 1:00 PM ET on Wednesday, 13 April (i.e., tomorrow!) and will be available until all 24 workshop slots have been filled. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance or denial within five business days of applying, and successful applicants will able to complete the registration process in early May.

Unfortunately, I won't be submitting an application: I'm not a manager, training funds are scarce these days, and I have a conflicting commitment. However, everyone who has attended one of these workshops has raved about the experience, and I obsessively studied the accompanying online tutorial when I first became an electronic records archivist. If you manage an archives, you should attend this workshop if at all possible. If you work with electronic records, you should strongly encourage your boss to attend this workshop.


records management said...

I have sent your post to my boss, I hope it isn't too late. Thank you for the recommendation!

id scanner said...

Thank you for recommendation. I also discuss it with my seniors and they are really impressed with it. Certainly, we will go for it soon :-)