Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Archives Month!

October is American Archives Month. Archivists throughout the United States will make a particular effort to highlight the ways in which archives and archivists help to protect the rights of citizens, promote government accountability and transparency, capture family and community histories, and make possible new scientific and other discoveries.

Archives Month was born in New York State, which in 1989 designated the first week of October New York Archives Week. Other states quickly started their own Archives Week or Archives Month celebrations, and in 2006 the Society of American Archivists launched the first American Archives Month celebration.

In honor of American Archives Month, archives throughout the United States are offering special exhibits, tours, lectures, family history days, and many other special events throughout the month of October. Information about these events can be found on events calendars and online bulletin boards maintained by state archives and public library systems and, in many instances, local news media. Doing a Web search that combines the name of your state with "Archives Month" ought to generate lots of results.

Looking for information about New York Archives Month events? The following resources will get you started:

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