Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BPE 2009: Did You Know ?

Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, the Chief Information Officer of New York State, spoke at the Best Practices Exchange on the morning of 2 September. She prefaced her talk, which concerned the State's Strategy for Openness and its Empire 2.0 social networking initiative, with this video, Did You Know ? 3.0.

The Did You Know ? series, which is jointly produced by The Economist and XPLANE, presents facts and statistics concerning recent changes in media, communications, and technology. They don't address concerns specific to electronic records archivists or digital librarians, but they provide a quick, compelling, and unnerving overview of the information ecosystem in which we exist.

Yesterday, XPLANE released Did You Know? 4.0. Thanks to Jean Green for posting this link on Facebook!

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