Monday, April 13, 2009

NYS e-records symposium available online

Last year, the New York State Archives co-sponsored a series of electronic records symposia that highlighted how local governments and state agencies were addressing various electronic records issues. I was able to attend and blog about one symposium, Taming the Wild Frontier: EDMS Implementations for State and Local Government, but my synopsis really didn't do the sessions justice. Happily, these sessions were taped, and anyone who has Flash Video Player installed on his or her computer can view the slides and listen to the speakers via the State Archives' Web site; closed captioning is available.

These presentations have actually been on up on the State Archives site for quite some time, but I somehow managed to overlook them -- which is deeply embarrassing given that there's a prominent link to them on the home page! However, these presentations are so good that I'm willing to look a bit foolish in order to trumpet their existence. If you're interested in electronic document management systems, electronic records management, or recordkeeping in state and local government environments, by all means check them out.

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