Monday, December 15, 2008

Ho-Ho House

Every year, my colleague Prudence decorates her entire house for Christmas and invites everyone who works at the New York State Archives over for an evening. The Ho-Ho House, as it is known, has become a State Archives tradition. Everyone gets to talk about things other than work (although the subject of electronic records did come up at one point in the conversation tonight), enjoy the wonderful food that Prudence and her husband John prepare, meet spouses and partners, and just generally have a good time. We also get to see the guinea pigs that Prudence and John breed and show -- they're always a big hit, as are the cats and the dog.

Each room in the Ho-Ho House has a theme, and each year Prudence and John prepare a map for their guests. The map itself has become a seasonal tradition for State Archives folks. The image above, which I produced with my digital camera, really doesn't do it justice; I've put off buying a scanner because my study is too full of stuff as is, but maybe Santa will have one for me this year . . . .


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