Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking a little time off

So far, I've taken up two new things this year: blogging and gardening. My landlord and landlady are generous, flexible folks, and they let me put in a small flowerbed (conventionally cultivated) and a trio of cherry tomato plants (organically grown) in containers. When I left for San Francisco, all of my tomatoes were still green. However, by the time I got back, several had ripened and several more were well on their way. I picked four of them (including two shown in this picture) just a few moments ago, and popped one into my mouth just before drafting this post. My tomatoes are of the "Sweetie" variety, and my first tomato more than lived up to its name.

Blogging my way through my brief San Francisco vacation and SAA was a lot more challenging than I had anticipated, and I'm going to take a few days off, catch up on everything that happened while I was away, and find a little time to enjoy the sweetness of late summer. I hope you get the chance to do the same.

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture of your tomatoes. They look delicious, and what a treat to come home to, all those ripening, lovely tomatoes. Taking a break to look at the fruits of one's labor is an intensely satisfying feeling. "When men are rightly occupied, their amusement grows out of their work, as the color petals out of a fruitful flower." John Ruskin